Sydney Moon

Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler model

Sydney Moon was born on January 5, 1975 in Berkeley, California. She grew up in the Bay Area, her favorite part of the world. After high school, Sydney decided she wanted to see more of what the country had to offer so she moved all the way across it, to the Big Apple. Like a city girl at heart, she had a great time living there where she attended New York University. After a few years she got sick of the cold weather and moved to sunny Southern California where she got her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Soon after, while she was dancing in Los Angeles, Sydney was approached by a Playboy casting person and she went in to take some polaroids with her friend, Playboy model Sasha Singleton. Doing this was not out of character for her, because she have always been outspoken and daring. She was also raised in a very liberal environment where the naked body was thought of as beautiful and something to be proud of. Sydney was booked for her first ever shoot for "Playboy's Sexy Girls Next Door", one of the Special Editions. After that, she just kept getting called to shoot more and more for Playboy, and each time she had more and more fun. Later her work expanded to include doing Playboy videos (likePlayboy Wet & Wild: Slippery When Wet (2000), Playboy: Girls of Hedonism, Runaway Bay Jamaica (2000), Playboy: Wet & Wild Live! (2002) and Playboy: No Boys Allowed, 100% Girls 2 (2004)), shows on the Playboy Channel and much more. Since she started modeling she have had the opportunity to travel to many exotic locations and meet tons of interesting people. Her long term goals are to continue modeling for the premier publications and web sites (especially her own) and to eventually practice psychotherapy with models and exotic dancers. Sydney thinks it is important for models to have foresight and know that they can't have the same job forever. She confesses she is glad to have had the opportunity to use her mind as well as her looks and she thinks it has made her a more complete person.